Colour of exhaust smoke

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exhaust smoke

How to tell the condition of the engine by the colour of exhaust smoke.

Exhaust smoke should be colourless but it sometimes isn’t so; in certain conditions, it may be black, white, or even blue. While these changes are bound to attract your attention, they don’t necessarily mean something wrong is happening; still, we always recommend taking the car to the station to make sure it is examined by a specialist. This is just as important when you are buying a second-hand car as it is when you notice it in the car you already have; as an ordinary driver you have no chance to recognise the warning signs a professional won’t miss. Tell the mechanic why you have come and let them check the car; if the change of smoke colour suggests that serious repairs are coming, the sooner you make them, the cheaper they will be. Our guide is not meant to replace professional advice but it will help you understand what may be happening inside your car.

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Buying a Car?

The most reliable car brands

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reliable car brands

The most reliable car brands – an overview of rankings

After the Volkswagen scandal there is no doubt that its reputation has been sallied. Even though the German car manufacturer is trying to make up for the scandal by paying its customers some kind of damages, many of them have stopped associating Volkswagen with quality.

Are there any brands that have managed to maintain constant quality, safety and trustworthiness? We will try to determine this with the use of Consumer Reports, J.D. Power and TUV reliability rankings.

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