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Opel Used Cars from the dealer. Is it worth it?

29 May 2023

Opel Used Cars was a dealer program run until recently under which the customers could buy used Opel cars on identical terms as when buying a brand new car in a dealership. Currently, the used Opel cars are available in a program common to several brands – the Spoticar program.

Provided service protection, reliable technical condition, and authentic mileage – these are the basic requirements of probably all drivers looking for a car. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a new car which is actually free from accidental past and high mileage hidden from sale. The remaining drivers are left with the purchase of a used car from the secondary market.

Of great importance for the further exploitation of used cars after purchase is the source which they come from – the reputation and honesty of the seller. The latter matter tends to differ, and still many used cars put on sale have their mileage manipulated or carelessly covered traces of post-accident repairs, to name just the most common problems which you might come across wen buying a car from a seller.


Opel Used Cars – what does the program have in its offer?

Programs offering used cars on the Polish market are run by a few leading manufacturers, including Opel, a brand which is very close to the heart of Polish drivers. Just a glance at the advertising services is enough to see that Opel Used Cars enjoy great popularity. And the German manufacturer has noticed that, too.

Opel has met these expectations, adding something more to the usual sale of used cars – quality and a range of accompanying services, which are more associated with the sale of new cars. It is the quality of customer service, security of purchase and high quality of sold vehicles consist of the advantages of the offer. A qualified advisor can not only show you the available models, take you for a test drive or to their own service point, but also present the financing and insurance options available under the program.



However, customers value the most the careful selection which decides which cars are included in the offer. Their technical condition and documentation must comply with the high standards applied in the program. The accurate technical control, which every Opel car is subject to, serves this purpose.



Who is the program addressed to?

The Opel program for selling used cars was designed and run for the discerning and knowledgeable customers for whom a second-hand car is not always the only alternative available due to budget constraints. Sometimes a few years old car is available immediately, which is a very attractive solution in comparison to several months – or even longer if the supply chain suddenly breaks – of waiting for a brand new product.

Therefore, the Opel Used Cars program – currently Spoticar – is used by those customers who prioritize cars with in the best possible technical condition, as well as the high purchase standard, which also concerns the responsibility of the seller for the provided assurances. Buying a car is a serious expense, and the price is hardly ever lower than tens of thousands of zlotys. That is why keeping the assurances is so important.


Financing in the “Opel Used Cars” program

When buying used Opel cars you do not have to pay the entire amount in cash already while signing the contract. The financial services market – available for customers purchasing cars from professional sellers – offers a multitude of solutions which allow for payment in the form of installments, both by individuals and companies.



Just like previously Opel Used Cars, nowadays Spoticar ensures convenient financing forms – a loan and a lease on favourable terms. Before making the purchase, it is worth consulting the available variants with the dealer and finding the most cost-effective one, thanks to which electing an Opel car from the offer will be a beneficial choice. 



How are the cars checked?

Every Opel car accepted into the offer is subject to a meticulous control. The control list consists of at least 100 points – conditions which must be met by each car before they can be sold.

One of the first elements which need to be taken into account is the data contained in the VIN number. The car data is checked – e.g. every equipment element and the colours coded in the VIN number are verified against the current state of the vehicle. Any irregularities are a sign of an eventful past of the car.

Next, the correctness of operation of all required regulations and optional lighting in which cars are equipped is verified. In the further phase of the test, the mechanical side of the second-hand vehicles is inspected. The technical condition of the drive unit, all operating fluids (engine oil, brake fluid, coolant), the transmission system, braking system, exhaust system and the entire fuel system are checked. The next aspects that need checking are the suspension condition, the degree of wear of the suspension springs and the possible presence of looseness or worn elements.

The checklist is completed by taking the car for a test drive, from which an accurate report is also made. Before that, however, the condition of the tire and the correctness of wheel installation are checked.


Which vehicles are available in this program?

In the Opel Used Cars program is, of course, dominated by all models of the German brand – most often coming from the Polish sales network. It was like that until recently. However, since Opel has become part of the international Stellantis group, and the Opel program itself has evolved into Spoticar, the offer started to feature cars from other brands as well, e.g. Peugeot and Citroen.

The majority of the used cars that you can buy under the program are the passenger cars. However, there are also delivery vehicles – all available immediately. The customers can choose from the following parameters: type of the bodywork, transmission (manual or automatic), fuel (gasoline or diesel), color of the car, the engine power, among others.



On the program’s website, which presents the offer of all dealers participating in it, you can find a full cross-section of the Opel range from recent years. The German brand has become popular thanks to its practical city cars – an example of which is the Corsa model, whose history is counted in tens of years. A bigger model of Opel – Astra – is the first choice of customers who focus on the versatility and reasonable price.



Aside from the Corsa and Astra, you can also choose from SUVs (Crossland, Grandland and Mokka) and the Insignia. The program feature also utility vehicles.



Other brands

The Opel Used Car program – currently Spoticar – is not confined to its own cars. The current offer consists of, aside from the Opel cars, numerous Seat, Honda, Mercedes and other models cars, including those from the Stellantis group, including Peugeot.

Of course, after the purchase, all the cars receive service protection and other additional services included in the program. Both Opel cars and vehicles from other manufacturers available at the dealer are an interesting offer which is worth giving your attention to.


Used cars from companies – fleet hits of the Opel program

One of the sources which the used cars of the Spoticar offer come from is companies that periodically exchange their vehicle fleet – selling or trading-in the old ones. A huge advantage of fleet cars is the fully documented accident and servicing history. All possible repairs and exploitation inspections were certainly carried out in accordance with the technology and manufacturer’s recommendations.

A large number of copies of the Corsa F, a model produced in the brand’s Spanish plants since 2019, comes in fact from the fleet sources. The sixth generation of the Corsa was created after the acquisition of Opel by PSA (now Stellantis), and as a result it was built with the use of the architecture and the entire mechanics of the Peugeot 208 II. The varieties with a gasoline three-cylinder 1.2 engine are predominant. The Opel Corsa E cars are a slightly cheaper offer. In the case of the fifth generation (2014-2019) available in the program Opel Used Cars, you can choose from the gasoline versions, which are perfect for the installation of LPG installations.

The Opel Astra is also very popular. The Astra K – the fifth generation of the widely known Opel compact cars – prevails in the program offer. It was produced, among others, in the factory in Gliwice during 2015-2021. There is also a five-door hatchback and a functional compact. The offer includes modern, turbocharged gasoline as well as economical diesel variants.

The second generation of Insignia produced in Germany (available since 2017) is very popular among the fleet customers, which translates into high availability of post-lease copies. The Insignia II is offered as a liftback and a compact – also with the four-wheel drive. It is one of the more interesting models offered to customers who focus on the travel comfort, and not necessarily on the “prestigious” logo on the car.


Used cars from the dealer. Advantages of the Opel program

The benefits and advantages of buying a vehicle in the Opel Used Cars program – now Spoticar – are at least a few, all of which create an extremely valuable for the driver peace of mind during the everyday use.

  • The fundamental advantage of the program is a technical inspection which every car is subject to. All subassemblies are checked, such as the engine, transmission, suspension, mileage, servicing history, and others which might be of interest to the future owner.
  • Sold cars receive extra 24/7 service protection, invaluable in emergencies – with a little good will it might be possible to negotiate with the dealer a whole range of services which can make the purchase of a used Opel an equally pleasant experience to buying a brand new car.
  • Depending on the age of the sold vehicle, the Opel Used Cars warranty program provides a one- or two-year warranty. Nowadays – in Spoticar – it is exactly the same – every car, whether it is Opel Corsa, Astra, Insignia, or any other model, is covered by a maximally 24-month warranty. What’s most important, however, is that there is no limit of kilometers, the mileage does not matter in this case.
  • The undeniable advantage of the program offered by this German brand is the high quality of sales and post-sales service. In case of difficulties connected with the purchase or the later exploitation, you are not left on your own. You can get help in choosing the best purchase financing form, so that you can fully enjoy your purchased car.


Drawbacks of the Opel Used Cars program

Of course, the program offered by Opel also has some drawbacks which cannot be overlooked. Whether it is the Opel Used Cars or Spoticar, already at the first glance you can notice the higher prices of the cars in offer. They exceed the average value on the secondary market in some cases even by a few or even several thousands of zlotys. Can the higher price be the reason to give up on the program?

It is good to remember what’s important – what constitutes of the purchasing of a used car from the dealer something more than just the price. It is the guarantee of a wide range of models available, on clear terms, with the certainty of all assurances being kept.  It is guarantee that the car before it’s sold is thoroughly checked in terms of its technical and practical condition. If you take into account all the above mentioned factors, it might turn out that the price, although seemingly higher, is not at all unattractive – i.a. due to the fact that the car will not require substantial repairs right after the purchase.

Be it diesel or gasoline, hatchback or compact, the price of the vehicle ranging between several, several dozen, or even hundreds of thousands of zlotys – before making the final decision, it’s good to think twice, making the use of available data. It’s true that Opel – under the Spoticar program – focuses on the highest quality, both when it comes to the cars and the customer service, nevertheless, mistakes might happen. That’s why it is good to be sure about the history of a given vehicle beforehand. The autoDNA report might help with that.

By using the data contained in the report, you can learn a lot about the history of the vehicle you’re interested in – you can verify its mileage, the actual equipment, and many other elements, including the accident past. To order the autoDNA report, you only need the VIN number – no honest seller will oppose to sharing it with you.


It is good to know

Did you like this article? Anything you’d like to ask in your comment? Feel free to share your feedback and comment at the bottom of the article. And remember – always before buying a car, motorcycle or even a trailer – check vehicle history and free VIN lookup with autoDNA based on the VIN numberVIN check is one of the most important things to do before deciding to buy a used vehicle. Thanks to this, autoDNA helps you make an informed decision.



Opel Used Cars from the dealer. Is it worth it?
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Opel Used Cars from the dealer. Is it worth it?
Opel Used Cars program – currently Spoticar – is used by customers who prioritize cars with in the best possible technical condition but also not only.
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