new vehicle history report

New autoDNA Vehicle History Report

1 July 2022

Starting from 1st July 2022, the autoDNA Vehicle History Report is going to offer additional values for our customers. To meet the world trends, the purchase process on the website has been simplified, becoming easier and more intuitive. The changes aim at offering the customers new benefits, which were inspired by modern solutions introduced and applied on the world markets.

The Report still remains a concise report on the service life of a vehicle which presents its past based on the VIN number. In line with the mission of the company, it’s supposed to help the sellers and buyers even more in aware and safe purchase.

Th change in appearance of the Vehicle History Report aims at providing our customers with an even more useful, functional and clear product with a range of additional benefits. One of them is innovation, thanks to introducing new sections to the report (Notification Center and QR code). Another element which has undergone optimalisation is the vehicle history section. In this section, as well as in the entire report, the clarity and readability has been improved by applying new UX/UI for the user, new colours have been used, in accordance with the psychology of colours, such a bright and clear background and many more. Thank to this pioneer solution which consists in adding a QR code, it’s possible to expand the online and offline vehicle sale offer with the vehicle history.

The autoDNA Report consists of several sections organised in a legible time-ordered linear layout. It allows verifying the vehicle history via the VIN, which might impact the quality of the selected vehicle. It’s one of the most important elements which the buyer should get acquainted with before purchasing a car.

Our flagship product has been developed in accordance with the best global standards. A new section in the report – Notification Center – allows in an easy way checking the content of the report for a particular VIN number, as it contains the most important notifications concerning the its history. The data is presented in a simple and legible form, comprehensive already on the level of the visual reception. The vehicle history is presented in the form of a chronological timeline which aims at helping the users getting acquainted with the events from the vehicle history and facilitate efficient identification of potential problems and risks connected with a second-hand vehicle.

Already during browsing the purchase/sale offers, it’s worth getting acquainted with an autoDNA vehicle history report in order to filter the good-quality cars from the so-called lemon cars (cars with defects and hidden salvage past). Information included in the report improves the transparency of the automotive industry and raises its level to the international-class one.

Another change is new appearance of the shopping basket on the autoDNA website, which is meant to improve the users’ experience during the purchase stage and allow them control each step of the process, whether the purchase is done on the computer, tablet or the smartphone.

autoDNA offers reports which contain data about vehicles from over 20 European countries, as well as the US and Canada, from more than 50,000 different institutions providing services in the automotive sector. To meet the expectations of the market as well as our customers, starting from 1st July 2022, the Vehicle History Reports are going to be available for a promotional price. In practice, it means that the customers are going to get a comprehensive VIN check by means of a report or reports for one stable price, regardless of the number of reports available in the autoDNA offer.



autoDNA is the leading provider of services of checking vehicle history online and free VIN lookup. Based on your VIN number, with autoDNA you can verify vehicle history before making a purchase. In many cases, VIN check may prevent you from incurring unwanted additional costs associated with purchasing a vehicle with an unknown or salvage past.


New autoDNA Vehicle History Report
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New autoDNA Vehicle History Report
Starting from 1st July 2022, the autoDNA Vehicle History Report is going to offer additional values for our customers.
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