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Motor shows in Poland and around the world

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Motor shows in Poland and around the world attract car and motorbike enthusiasts every year. These events include dozens of specially prepared zones where exhibitors present models that represent the future of motoring, and this is only part of the attraction.

Each event is of a specific nature and enjoys a slightly different audience. Discover the characteristics of the largest automotive events in Poland and abroad.


Motor shows in Poland


The largest automotive trade fairs in Poland are not just events where you can see modern cars. Such gatherings are also an opportunity to learn about the offer of manufacturers of parts and other solutions for the automotive industry. 

During the fair, you can also learn about the latest, as yet unpresented car models that open up a new era for the automotive industry. Interestingly, fairs often include not just issues directly related to the automotive industry, but also other topics, such as cyber security, mobility and modern technologies. Often such events are accompanied by races, competitions and other spectacular struggles of the best drivers.

The Warsaw Motor Show or Poznan Motor Show are just some of the fairs that attract all four-wheeler lovers. Find out about the upcoming events and see what attractions are on offer at the largest motor shows.


Warsaw Motor Show


The Warsaw Motor Show is one of the largest motor shows in Europe. The latest edition took place in November 2020 and the organiser has not yet set an exact date for the next event. The Warsaw Motor Show is a must-see in the calendar of every motoring fan. Another notable event of this type is the Poznan Motor Show.


Poznan Motor Show


Another event organised in Poland next to the Warsaw Motor Show, which fans of fast and modern cars cannot miss, is the Poznan Motor Show. The recent edition was in September 2012 and its slogan was “On the Road to Electromobility”. Exhibitors from many countries presented cars, motorbikes, campers and numerous other fascinating vehicles. However, all that is only a part of the attractions, as the Poznan Motor Show is always accompanied by many other events.


ProfiAuto Show


ProfiAuto Show is a periodic event, which takes place in Katowice. The organiser has already invited visitors to it 19 times, providing dozens of specially prepared zones. The ProfiAuto Show, like the Warsaw Motor Show, is the largest automotive trade fair in Poland. The latest edition of the event was held in 2019 under the motto “Driven by Passion”.



Motor shows around the world


The largest motor shows in the world are events that attract the attention of visitors from many countries. Some of them do not want to miss any such happening and travel to the fair venues. If this is not possible, they watch them via online streaming, which is becoming increasingly popular. What are the biggest automotive events one must not miss?


International Geneva Motor Show


This annual motor show always takes place in March. It was first held as early as 1905 and has turned international in 1924. The next event is planned for 2022. Previous editions were cancelled by the organiser due to a coronavirus pandemic. 


IAA International Motor Show in Munich


This is an event whose first edition was held in September 2021. It is a new iteration of another event – the biennial exhibition in Frankfurt. It presents the latest developments in the field of broadly understood mobility. The organiser has taken care of an interesting formula – the stands are located in the suburbs, and some of them in the city centre.


Goodwood Festival of Speed


This is not so much a trade show. It is a legendary 1.16 mile race held in the UK. The event lasts four days and is the largest of its kind. It is a treat for fans of whirlwind driving and cars of the best brands.


Tokyo Motor Show


This is a car show held regularly every two years. It is one of the five largest automotive exhibitions in the world – along with those of Detroit, Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris. The date of the next edition of this event is not known at the moment.


Paris Motor Show


This is one of the first events of its kind in the world, which dates back to 1898. The last few editions have been cancelled, but the organiser suggests that visitors will be invited to come to Paris again in 2022.


Essen Motor Show


This is a must-attend for lovers of tuning and classic motoring for both cars and motorbikes. The date of the next edition is not yet known, but ticket sales will start at the end of September 2012. It is worth to hurry up, because the interest is very high.


LA Auto Show


The next edition of this one of the biggest automotive events in the world is planned for 19-28 November 2021. Over 1,000 vehicles will be put on display. Every automotive enthusiast will find something for themselves here.


Chicago Auto Show


The latest edition of this show took place in February 2021, and you’ll have to wait until February next year for the next one. Huge exhibition spaces and diverse types of presented vehicles attract to this event visitors not only from the USA.


Prive Salon


This is an event in an exquisitely elegant English style. Both ladies and gentlemen will find something for themselves there. The show is divided into several separate events, each of which is dedicated to a slightly different type of vehicle. However, classic and vintage cars predominate. The next event will take place in September 2022.


North American International Auto Show 


This is an annual auto show that takes place in Detroit. It is currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there is a good chance it will return in 2022, showcasing the latest developments in the automotive industry.


SEMA Show (Speed Equipment Manufacturing Association)


The nearest edition will take place on 2 November 2021. It is an unforgettable event that gathers crowds of visitors in Las Vegas. Exhibitions, races and shows are just some of the attractions awaiting visitors. 


Dallas Auto Show


This is a must-see happening for those who want to find out be first to know what car models will hit the market in the near future. The date of the next edition is not known, but you should definitely be ready for 2022. 


Vienna Autoshow


The recent edition of this show was held in 2020. It is an event where manufacturers can present their most innovative products. Over 15,000 visitors attracted by its latest edition is an impressive number. 


Auto Shanghai


This event was first held back in 1985 and since then it has been happening every two years. The latest edition took place in April 2021, so those interested have to exercise patience. However, it is worth the effort, because this show is a treat for fans of automobile design, as well as specialists in vehicle parts and computer systems for the automotive industry. 

You can also talk to a VDA Group consultant here, as the German pavilion is always present at the show. 


Moscow International Motor Show


The next Moscow show is scheduled for August 2022. It is an annual event that brings together exhibitors and visitors primarily from Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States, but not only. MIMS focuses on automotive engineering, but you can also enjoy the latest car models presented by manufacturers from many countries. 


Abu Dhabi Motor Show


The Abu Dhabi Motor Show takes place in the United Arab Emirates every year. The recent edition took place in April 2020. It is the perfect place for exhibitors to showcase their automotive achievements.


Frankfurt Motor Show


This event used to be one of the largest motor shows in the world for many years. However, a few years ago it was announced that the future editions would be held in Munich. The official reason was supposed to be the expiry of the contract with the site manager, but a conversation with the group’s consultant suggests that political considerations were the main factor.


Bologna Motor Show


This motor show has been held since 1967. The recent edition took place in 2019. It is a treat not only for lovers of Italian motoring. The show is combined with various motorsport competitions featuring world-famous drivers.


Dubai International Motor Show


Dubai is the home for this extraordinary event which has been held since 1989. Visitors can admire the world’s most expensive cars presented by many manufacturers. The next edition will take place in November 2021.


Auto China


The latest edition of the Beijing fair was held in 2020. The next one is planned for 2022. It is an opportunity to become acquainted with the offer of almost all world car manufacturers. 


British International Motor Show


This is another extremely popular automotive happening in the UK. Visitors had the chance to visit it in August 2021. It is a chance to see world-famous racing cars up close, and much more. It is also an interesting event for lovers of classic English motoring. There are also attractions prepared for the youngest. 


Australian International Motor Show


This is the longest-running automotive event in the world. Its history began as early as 1925. At first it was organised in Melbourne, now it is based in Sydney. Such a large event could be organised by the cooperation of both cities. The world’s leading makes present their latest models there and the number of visitors always exceeds several thousand. The date of the next fair has not yet been announced. 

Motor shows in Poland and around the world
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Motor shows in Poland and around the world
Motor shows attract car and motorbike enthusiasts every year. Discover the characteristics of the largest automotive events in Poland and abroad.
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