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modern technologies for drivers

The use of modern technologies in the automotive industry substantially increases driving safety and comfort; in a dozen or so years cars will most likely not require a driver at all. Nevertheless, until autonomous vehicles have turned us into passengers only, we can still enjoy the benefits of using the most advanced technologies available in the market to make our driving an easy and pleasant experience.

Modern technologies increasing driving comfort

Smart key and START button

Are the traditional car keys difficult to use? No, of course not. Did anybody dream of not needing to put the key in the lock in order to get inside the car back in the 1990s? Probably not. Fortunately, engineers tend to be more imaginative than drivers and when given some time and funds, they come up with surprisingly good results. Most of the car manufactured today have been designed to save you from the trouble of going through your pockets to find the keys and open the door. Having the keys with you makes the door open automatically when you get close to the car. When inside, you still don’t need to actually use the keys; there is a START button to press in order to start the car. Smart keys have been incredibly popular with women, whose bags are literally key-eaters, as well as all those who tend to have both their hands occupied when walking towards the car (ever carried lots of shopping bags?). Smart keys are one of the magnificent technologies that fulfil the needs you didn’t realise you actually had.


This wireless data transfer technology allows you to connect your smartphone to the audio system of your car to let you use your phone hands-free or listen to the music while driving. If your smartphone has Internet access, the number of options you can make use of is virtually unlimited. For example, you can turn your phone into a navigational device that will guide you safely and efficiently through any kind of traffic to guarantee you reach your destination much quicker. Bluetooth combined with Internet is also a great disk space saver; with such apps as Spotify, Deezer, or Google Music, you can listen to millions of songs without the need of ever storing them on your device.

USB ports

Surprising as it may seem, USB ports are one of the most useful installations in your car; in fact, they are used so commonly, and save so much trouble, they have become too obvious to even be noticed. With USB, you can plug most of your devices in your car without the need of using different outlets and cables. They will let you use your navigation or audio player, as well as charge your phone, tablet or e-book reader – if you ever went on a holiday with your whole family, then you certainly can imagine what it would be like if you had nowhere to plug it all in.

Modern technologies increasing driving safety

Blind spot sensors

Every driver, no matter how experienced, has been through this nightmare at least once: you change lanes having checked the mirrors twice and a car appears out of nowhere, honking like crazy. Hence the blind spot sensors: they signalise what you have no chance to spot while looking in the mirrors. You can manoeuvre safely, knowing that you won’t get in anybody’s way because of how mirrors work.

Backup camera

You may consider yourself a parking expert but once you’ve parked parallel or perpendicular with a backup camera, you will never want to go back to mirrors only. Although simple, this device is just invaluable, not only to make sure you park properly but also to increase everybody’s safety when there are children or pets moving around the car park. In fact, it also helps make sure you don’t leave the parking space without taking all the belongings you put aside just for a moment with you.

Adaptive cruise control

Polish drivers have only had a few years to get used to driving motorways of proper length, so unless you often drive abroad you may not even know how tiresome controlling the speed may become. If you’ve ever driven to Italy or Croatia, though, you know how dangerous motorways are when driving is very fast and monotonous at the same time. Adaptive cruise control has been designed to ensure the vehicle maintains its speed while also keeping proper distance from the car before you. It simply adapts the speed of your car to the other one’s.

Park assist

Apart from taking over and turning left, parking is one of the most difficult manoeuvres a driver needs to perform on a regular basis. Fortunately, modern vehicles are equipped with technologies that can reduce your role in the process, or even make the car park on its own. Parking sensors will find a free parking spot for you, calculate the angles and move the steering wheel; all you need to do is use the brake and accelerator, although some premium class cars are even able to do this for you!

This post lists but a tiny fraction of all the technologies available in modern vehicles. The choice of the right equipment depends on the drivers themselves; after all, you only go for what you know you will be using. Still, being up to date with the novelties pays; next time you’re changing your car, you will know which elements to look for in the car of your dreams.

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