What is the Mazda Certified Pre owned program?

27 March 2023

Mazda Certified Pre owned is an ideal program for people who are looking for high-quality, renowned and verified used cars. This solution allows you to purchase a car from the Mazda Certified Pre-owned dealership and enjoy high quality and safety during short and long rides. What should you know about the program? You can find more information below.


What is the Mazda Certified Pre owned program?

Drivers who are looking for technically verified vehicles can purchase them through the Mazda’s Certified Pre-owned program. This is Mazda’s own program which allows you to purchase a vehicle after a thorough inspection of the technical condition and legal status of the car. All cars in the program are used ones, but they are maximally 7 years old and their mileage is not higher than 150,000 km. Thanks to this solution, new owners can enjoy the safe exploitation of the purchased car. This solution has many advantages — it is not only the possibility of taking a test drive or using attractive financing, but it’s also a good option for people who want to get rid of their current car. The program offers also a problem-free sale of your car.


Who is the program addressed to?

Mazda Certified Pre-owned program realized by dealerships across the country has been designed for people who are looking for used cars from reputable manufacturers, while at the same time wanting to buy a car with the Mazda Certified Pre-owned quality label. The program offered by Mazda dealers is an excellent solution for those who want to enjoy driving a verified used car, and at the same time want to buy a new car without any problems. 



The Certified Pre-owned program includes various models with a quality mark — cars are put up for online auctions, and they are also available on the manufacturer’s website.


 As a result,  choosing and buying a car is pretty trouble-free. Many customers also point out that they do not have to bother selling their own car, because as part of the Mazda Certified Pre-owned program, the manufacturer can buy the customer’s current car.


Financing in the program

Customers interested in buying a used car can choose from various forms of financing. Mazda guarantees attractive financing – the Certified Pre-owned Program offers in this case many options. Thanks to this, the transaction takes place in safe conditions and additionally in a convenient and tailored to the capabilities and needs of the customer form. People interested in buying a car can buy it for cash, and also by means of a loan or a lease. People who want to sell their current car can make use of the option of repurchasing the car by the dealership.

Choosing the right form of financing is not difficult, although it should be an individual decision of each customer. In order to be sure that it will be the right one, people interested in using the program can use the advisors’ services — dealers provide professional assistance in learning about the financing conditions, possible additional costs, and also completing all formalities.


How are cars checked in the Mazda program?

Used cars with the Mazda Certified Pre-owned certificate are thoroughly analysed by experienced specialists. The offer includes various used cars, however all of them have their technical and legal conditions checked.


Pay attention

Cars in the Mazda program are verified for technical condition. Qualified and experienced experts subject them to technical assessment — there are as many as 100 control points checked.


Apart from verifying the technical condition, the legal condition is checked as well. This ensures that drivers who choose to use the offer can be sure that they are offered products worth purchasing.


Which vehicles are available in this program?

The Mazda Certified Pre-owned program includes used cars of various brands. The main category is the Japanese manufacturer’s used cars. However, Mazda is not the only available brand, thanks to which every customer can find a car that suits their needs and financial capabilities, so that they can enjoy driving a certified pre-owned car.



The range of used Mazda cars includes various models. What distinguishes the manufacturer’s offer is the fact that they are available in different variants in terms of parameters — they are equipped with different engine power, have different drive or are powered by different types of fuels. The wide range of models with the Certified Pre-owned quality mark also allows you to adjust the car in terms of body and equipment. This is especially important for demanding customers — they can buy cars richly equipped in the Mazda program for a much lower price.


Other brands

When deciding to buy a used car from Mazda dealers, customers can trade-in their current car. As a result, the offer of used cars with the quality guarantee also includes models from other manufacturers. Importantly — just like Mazda’s cars, they are technically and legally verified, thanks to which the seller provides the quality guarantee. All cars, regardless of their origin, are subjected to a thorough technical and legal assessment — if they meet the required conditions, they are included in the dealer’s offer.


Benefits of Mazda Certified Pre-owned

Mazda Certified Pre-owned is the perfect solution for people looking for proven solutions. Thanks to the fact that it is a used car program run by a reputable manufacturer, customers can fully trust the seller. Contrary to appearances, the matter of trusting a person offering a car for sale is extremely important, therefore the warranty is granted. Thanks to it, buying a used car is much safer. So, what distinguishes the Mazda Certified Pre-owned program?

  • high quality certainty — the brand’s cars, as well as those of other manufacturers, are subject to a strict technical condition assessment, and they are also legally verified. All this proves that all the details of the purchased car do not conceal any secrets from the new owner. The program includes used cars, but their age is no more than 7 years and their is mileage is not higher than 150,000 km, which stand out for their technical condition – the dealers provide a quality guarantee,
  • rich offer — the Mazda Certified Pre-owned dealer assortment includes not only brand vehicles, but also those from other manufacturers,
  • attractive financing — the Mazda Certified Pre-owned program allows you to purchase a car in many different ways, thanks to which the whole process runs quickly, safely and without major difficulties. The advisors at the dealership provide assistance in choosing the right type of financing, and also in completing all formalities while purchasing used cars,
  • repurchase of the Customer’s car — “we know perfectly well how many customers appreciate the possibility of a quick and trouble-free sale of a car,” informs Mazda Motor Poland on its website. Therefore, as part of the Mazda Certified Pre-owned program, the brand offers the possibility to buy back the customer’s car, regardless of its brand,
  • possibility to test drive — the most important thing is customer satisfaction, and it is gained by offering its customers only used cars tailored to their needs. Test drives allow not only to check the car and its behavior in practice but also to try various models of used cars,
  • warranty — every car with the Mazda Certified Pre-owned quality mark is covered by a 3-month warranty with the possibility of extending it up to 2 years.



Drawbacks of the program

Does the Mazda Certified Pre-owned dealer program, which allows you to purchase a used car after a thorough technical and legal inspection, have any drawbacks? Each customer probably evaluates the cooperation with the brand differently – it is also a matter of trust and previous experiences – but the rich offer of the Mazda Motor Poland manufacturer makes any defects so small that they are negligible. This program covers entire Poland, however, it may not be available in the offer of every dealer.

By choosing used cars available under the Mazda Certified Pre-owned program, customers can purchase certified cars, with verified vehicle history, legal status and technical condition. However, it is worth to stay alert, even when it comes to the cars granted with a quality mark. A customer who wants to gain additional certainty that the selected car does not hide any secrets, can use the opportunity to check the car in our AutoDNA service. For this purpose, you only need a VIN number – you can get it from the dealer, who can certainly provide information without any problems. Thanks to this, not only can you only check the real mileage and performed repairs, but also verify odometer readings or check archive photos. Of course, the cars offered in the program meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, but when investing often times a lot in a car, it is worth being sure to make the right decision. Using the services of autoDNA, then, is a reasonable choice.


It is good to know

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What is the Mazda Certified Pre owned program?
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What is the Mazda Certified Pre owned program?
Mazda Certified Pre owned is an ideal program for people who are looking for high-quality, renowned and verified used cars.
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