Independent second-hand car sales programmes

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A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 4

Importers aren’t the only parties that offer vehicles with certificates or warranty. Such cars can also be bought from the brand dealers, regular second-hand car dealers, and leasing companies. Despite the presence of the official, “centralised” programmes, some dealers organize their own sales programmes. They are mostly based on second-hand vehicles left at a dealer’s in order to get a discount for the new ones being bought. Leasing companies mainly offer ex fleet cars. These are usually 3-4 years old cars with diesel engines and mileage exceeding 100,000 km. 

Used car dealers: 

AAA Auto

It’s a nationwide network offering proven vehicles. Interestingly, they guarantee that the odometer and the actual mileage have been checked. Every car comes with a quality certificate, and as part of Carlife the customer receives a 12-month insurance guarantee for the vehicle’s mechanical condition.

Autopunkt. Pewne Używane

A network of dealers consisting of 10 branches affiliated under the name “Autopunkt. Pewne Używane” was created as a result of a merger of two large used car dealers’ networks: Autopunkt and Pewne Używane.  Pewne Używane was created as part of the PGD Group, the leader of the Polish dealership market, which has sold over 30 thousand used cars over 12 years and specialized in services for individual customers. The Autopunkt network was created in Express Group, a market leader in car rental, which specialized in selling used vehicles to business customers. The network offers a great selection and 10 locations; this is actually a record scope in the market of Polish dealer networks’ programmes. All due to the combined experience of both the merged companies. Together, they offer a large selection of brands (including Ford, Nissan and Opel), models and prices: everyone will find something for themselves among over 500 cars available immediately.

Used Like New

It’s a small but interesting programme. At any given moment, it offers around 100 cars (mainly Ford and Honda) with a warranty. They come from the dealers in Poland or are imported by the seller. This programme is only available in Warsaw.

PKO Leasing

PKO Leasing took over Raiffeisen Leasing, which resulted in several hundred new offers. However, the functionality of their search engine is debatable. There are also errors in the descriptions (e.g. type of fuel: instead of “diesel” or “gasoline” you’ll see “self-ignition”). They offer auction-style sales and you have to be a registered user to offer the price you can pay for the car. Still, they also offer access to accurate DEKRA reports, allowing you to learn about the faults of the car. This is one of the major advantages of this service. Unfortunately, most of DEKRA test drives are carried out at the parking lot, which limits the usefulness of these reports when it comes to the actual condition of the engine or transmission. However, faulty cars are easy to filter out: there’s no financing available for them. This year, PKO Leasing is to complete the takeover of Masterlease, so another big player is bound to appear in the second-hand vehicle market.


Masterlease offers over 700 ex fleet cars. The cars have guaranteed mileage and documented service history. The service offers flexible forms of financing, including a subscription for individuals, as well as periodic deals (e.g. a special price when buying for cash or leasing). The search engine is very functional, too. There’s a decent supply of cars with diesel engines and good selection of popular brands and models, for example ex fleet Skoda Octavia which is often used as a company car. Usually, a dozen or so vehicles with a similar configuration are offered; mileage is the only difference here. Attractive offers tend to be gone quite fast. Masterlease may soon disappear from the market due to the takeover of the company by PKO Leasing; the same thing happened to Raiffaisen Leasing.

Independent second-hand car sales programmes
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Independent second-hand car sales programmes
A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 4
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