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How is the vehicle registration of an English car handled in Poland?

18 October 2021

Vehicle registration of an English car in Poland may differ from that of a vehicle bought in the country. Importing a car is a prevalent practise that many people choose. Some import cars from neighbouring countries, while others choose cars from more distant states, for example, the United Kingdom. How to buy such a vehicle?


What to look at when choosing a car from England?

Importing cars from the UK is very popular, but it should be remembered that after Brexit, such vehicles must meet additional requirements. Once brought to Poland, they will require the following changes:

  • rescaling the speedometer,
  • modification of the headlights,
  • relocation of the rear fog light,
  • changing the glass in the mirrors.

These modifications are caused by the fact that British cars have the steering wheel on the right side. Apart from the change of these parameters, when buying a car, you also need to take into account its characteristics.

It is good to know

Vehicle History – The seller should provide you with the VIN, which will let you learn the car’s history. It can be done at home. All you need to do is enter the VIN on the autoDNA website and purchase the report, which will be delivered to your e-mail. The autoDNA databases contain billions of records on vehicles’ history, repairs, damage, inspections and mileage. autoDNA allows you to check your car online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




TPL Insurance

If you decide to transport your car to Poland on your own, you have to remember that it should be insured. There is an option to buy out a short-term policy. This obligation applies to each registered vehicle.


Legal issues

It is also necessary to verify the offer in terms of the car’s legal status. It is crucial to check how many owners a particular vehicle has. Also, confirm whether the vehicle has been de-registered in the UK.


Odometer and technical condition

Information on the odometer reading and technical condition can be checked using the VIN. Mileage often shows the car’s tear and wear, so this parameter is worth careful analysis. It is also important to carry out technical tests allowing the car to be driven and registered in Poland.


How to bring a car from England?

In the case of cars from the UK, all formalities have now become much more complicated. All because of the country leaving the European Union. Cars registered in Great Britain will not be allowed to be imported to Poland after 2021. The only exception is brand new vehicles straight from the dealership.


Importing an English car yourself

Cars from England can be imported independently. Then, however, you need to add extra fuel costs and several formalities to be fulfilled. The essential to do is checking that the car has:

  • valid TPL insurance,
  • a valid MOT certificate,
  • the road tax paid.

Also, DVLA must be notified about the transaction. It is the English counterpart of the Polish transport department. Despite such notification, the car can still be driven and thus brought to our country in the traditional way. However, immediately after arriving in Poland, you have to take care of the necessary formalities and register the car with the Polish authorities.


Bringing the car through an intermediary

A right-hand-drive car can also be imported through an intermediary. Then, it is the company that deals with the thorough inspection of the vehicle parameters. It also carries out the necessary transactions, obtains the relevant documents and brings the car directly to Poland. Most often, they do it with a flatbed. If the automobile is de-registered, such a step is necessary. The cost of flatbed transport is usually several thousand zlotys.




Arrival by car from the UK to Poland

From the moment the car is brought to Poland, you will have 30 days to settle all the formalities. You should start with paying the excise tax. It amounts to:

  • 3.1% for cars with engines up to 2,000 cm3,
  • 18.6% for cars with engines above 2,000 cm3,

If the car has valid insurance and an MOT certificate, you can drive it around Europe and enter our country. However, in Poland, you should immediately start modifying the car and translate its documents.

It should be remembered, though, that after Brexit, the right-hand drive is not accepted by the EU standards. That shall apply to cars registered in Great Britain after 31 December 2021. For this reason, importing right-hand drive cars after Brexit becomes much more complex and sometimes even impossible. However, you can buy brand-new vehicles in the UK and then register them for the first time in Poland.


Registering an English car in Poland – step by step guidance

After the vehicle is imported from Great Britain to Poland, it must be registered. This procedure requires collecting specific documents. English cars must also be prepared for Polish conditions in terms of the steering wheel location.


Documents needed to register a vehicle from England



After finalising the transaction with the seller, you will receive an invoice or a sales contract. Such a document is necessary to register the car in Poland. Also, a special registration certificate must be filled in and sent to DVLA. That will allow us to drive around the UK temporarily.


Additionally, in the beginning, you must pay the excise duty. After that, conversions are necessary, as, in the United Kingdom, the most critical parts of the vehicle are on the right-hand side. Only after such work has been carried out it is possible to go to the technical inspection. The next step is to visit the transport department and present the following documents:

  • an ID card,
  • a translated purchase and sale agreement,
  • an MOT certificate,
  • an excise duty payment receipt,
  • export plates,
  • confirmation of the car de-registration in England.


Car registration costs

UK-imported car registration costs vary from case to case. Repositioning of the steering wheel and mirrors usually cost up to several thousand zlotys. You have to add the costs of the excise duty and documents’ translation.

Other costs include:

  • the vehicle card – PLN 75,
  • the registration plates – PLN 80,
  • a temporary permit – PLN 13.50,
  • the legalisation marks – PLN 85,
  • the registration fee – PLN 0.50.

These are fixed fees. The cost is different in the case of the excise duty, which usually amounts to as much as several thousand zlotys. However, its payment is necessary to complete further formalities with the Polish authorities.


Translation of documents

In the case of cars from the United Kingdom, more documents must be translated than got vehicles from the European Union member states. Primarily, it is the registration certificate. Such formalities should be arranged immediately after bringing the car to Poland. You need to use a sworn translator because Polish offices accept only such translations.

The sale and purchase agreement should also be provided in Polish. For this reason, many people decide to draw up such a document in two versions at once. However, the clerk may request confirmation of the compliance of the content of both language versions.


Vehicle technical inspection

Before registering a car in our country, a technical examination must also be performed. In this case, however, problems often arise because the steering wheel is factory-fitted on the right-hand side. 

Therefore, diagnostic stations may doubt who changed the setting – the manufacturer or an unauthorised workshop. For this reason, in some situations, it may be necessary to provide documentation from the car manufacturer.


Is a car from England worth buying?

Some people travel the distance between Poland and England to become the owner of a cheap car in perfect technical condition. So it is a profitable solution, but you should carefully check the history of a particular vehicle in advance. A properly verified car can serve for many years while maintaining its excellent technical condition. Car transport is therefore profitable, and every year thousands of automobiles from the UK arrive in Poland. However, they are much less popular than cars from countries with the steering wheel on the left side.


It is good to know

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English car vehicle registration

English car vehicle registration

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How is the vehicle registration of an English car?
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How is the vehicle registration of an English car?
Vehicle registration of an English car in Poland may differ from that of a vehicle bought in the country. How to buy such a vehicle?
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