Funny gadgets for a driver – 10 ideas

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If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your driver, time really is running short now but even if you’ve already bought something, these ideas will come in handy on any other occasion.

Below you will find our favourite gift ideas that every driver will enjoy.

1) Funny car stickers

You must have seen this a thousand times: some people stick funny stuff like “Do not judge book by the cover” or “Size matters” on their trunk or rear bumper. There is far more than just funny quotes available online, though. Apart from the usual “child on-board” or “dog on-board” stickers, you can even get a huge Minion window sticker – but that’s just the beginning of all the fun stuff you can get on your car. We strongly recommend 3D stickers such as the one which turns a Volkswagen logo into a devil (link), all the spiders and scorpions “travelling” on your car, or a boot sticker suggesting you’ve got someone inside (link). If you love pets you can get a 3D cats eye sticker for the window or mirrors; these really look impressive on darkened glass (link).

2) Masking ink stains

… are stickers, too, but there is more to them: they can be used to mask all the spots which show your car’s age. If the paint is damaged or some minor repairs are visible, an ink stain sticker will be a fun way of making sure they don’t show.

3) Mobile accessories

Gecko – despite its tiny size, this is one of the most useful accessories you can have on your dashboard. Whatever you put on it, be it your mobile, glasses or anything else, will simply stay in its place when you’re driving.

Smartphone holder – some of those are universal while others only suit a given model. We prefer the universal ones since wherever a car is shared between at least two people, chances that they will have the same mobile model are really slim.

Speaker phone set – no recommendations needed here; it is a must for anyone who can’t help calling people while driving.

Multi USB car charger – not only does it allow you to charge your phone while driving but it also makes it possible to use a portable car fridge or any other accessories which require a power source.

4) Organisers

They are a miraculous invention for anyone who is always short of space in their car. There are organisers you mount at the back of the driver’s or passenger’s chair, which have a number of pockets, or the more subtle ones made of net – these are usually phone-sized and you can stick them to the inside of your car. If you’re a CD collector, there are some useful CD organisers mounted to the sun visor in front of the driver or passenger.

5) Thermal mug

An ideal choice for those who enjoy driving long distances or whose job requires driving a lot. A powered thermal mug allows you to drink you tea or coffee hot for longer but it also makes it possible to heat your drink up with the use of a car lighter. It is one of the accessories which can be bought together with the multi USB charger – they will make a very useful set.

6) Tourist pillow and lumbar support

These gadgets are designed for those who often drive long distances and need to take a nap once in a while. They don’t take much space but the difference they make when you need to relax is incredible.

7) Car lashes

This is a gadget for female drivers; the long, attractively curled up lashes suit the lights of every car or motorbike. They are also easy to attach, although judging by their price (approx. 4 PLN per set of two), they may not be very durable. Still, they look so pretty they are bound to make every driving girl smile.

8) Driver’s glasses

When the wet or snowy road surface reflects light, driving becomes much more difficult. This is why every driver should have polarized glasses in their glove compartment; they effectively block reflected light to make driving safer.

9. Decorative neons

This gadget is definitely designed for tuning enthusiasts. You can use different neon colours such as blue, red, green and white to subtly decorate the interior of the car, e.g. by putting them in under the dash or on the door. You can also purchase fluorescent paint to cover the speedometer gauge needles, too.

10) Business card with phone number

This kind of gadget will be appreciated by all those who are often forced to park in tight spots or have the tendency to not always park where parking is allowed at all. When you know you’ve made it impossible for someone else to move their car, stick your phone number (link) to the windshield so they can contact you if they need to. The business cards are also visible in the dark and with the suction cups they are easy to put on the windshield and it only takes seconds to remove them later on. Polish drivers should be equipped with such cards by default since for some of them proper parking seems too challenging.

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  1. Grass

    Speaker phone set is always good gift for everyone who drive a car. I need one too 😀

  2. Brad-

    I always have one tourist pillow in my car. It’s a gift and it’s useful for someone who travel a lot like me

  3. Grizzle

    Nice to know what to buy dad next time 😀 he’s professional driver