Ford Pre-Owned, Hyundai i-Best, Citroen Select

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A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 9

Ford Pre-Owned

Ford is one of the most popular brands when it comes to importing used cars to Poland. However, this isn’t fully reflected in its importer programme, which includes several hundred offers. This is mainly due to the fairly strict criteria of the programme: only Ford cars under 5 years of age with less than 125,000 km of the clock are sold. However, the strict requirements are not followed by above-standard car protection: the vehicles are only covered by a 12-month warranty. All the cars have DEKRA Vehicle Quality Certificates, though. You’ll need no less than 30-40 thousand PLN to buy a car via this programme. Some of the vehicles are significantly more expensive, for example Ford Mustang for 199,000 PLN.

Hyundai i-Best

This Korean brand is gaining popularity in Poland every year, and this is also reflected in the demand for used cars. Over 300 cars in the offer highlighted on the importer’s main page (you must enter through the “offer” tab) is a good result indeed. Those offered via the i-Best programme are less than 6 years old (from the date of the first registration) and have mileage of up to 120,000 km. They also have a 12-month warranty with unlimited mileage, assistance throughout Europe and DEKRA quality certificate. The luxurious Hyundai Genesis (239,000 PLN) is one of the most expensive cars, while a Hyundai Santa Fe, and Tucson (earlier: ix35), are slightly cheaper. There’s a large selection of popular i40, i30 and Elantra models available, too.

Citroen Select

The official programme selling second-hand cars of this French brand does not differ from the market standards. The vehicles offered as part of the programme have up to 24 months warranty and DEKRA certificate. The offer isn’t too impressive and the number of cars is actually quite dissapointing: 80-90 models are offered at any given time, including cars of other brands. There’s also a link for those who want to evaluate the price of their own car before selling. Most offers are Citroens, but you can find cars of other brands, too. The page could definitely use a better search engine. The current one is pretty basic.

Ford Pre-Owned, Hyundai i-Best, Citroen Select
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Ford Pre-Owned, Hyundai i-Best, Citroen Select
A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 9
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