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First car – what to choose for a young driver

First car – what to choose for a young driver?

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So you just passed you driver’s licence test, received the document and looking for your own 4 wheels. What car to choose? Young drivers not always choose reasonable as emotions often take over rational thinking as they want to show off in a fancy car. However, a decision about buying your first car should be well-thought-out.

A car for a young driver is mostly… a used one. The best one: intensly used. Let us not fool ourselves – hardly anyone can drive well right after passing their driver’s licence test. Most drivers have their little „sins” from first months of driving: a slight scratch as they didnt’t fit into garage gate, a damaged headlight as we didn’t notice a pistil, a dented registration plate since on parking we stopped on a lantern while reversing… This is exactly why first car for a young driver should be of a kind that would not be pity if it gets a couple of scratches and bruises.
What first car to choose?

1. Choose a car of basic construction which will be easy to repair. Why? The easier to fix a car, the less chance of dishonest mechanic trying to take in on repair costs. By reading descriptions of each model we can find out whether maintenance is simple or more sophisticated and therefore much more expensive.

2. Search for smaller car. This isn’t about driving a small fiat seicento for first years after getting a licence, but when choosing a car for a young driver we should avoid big estate cars or 4×4 vehicles. A small car is not only easier to drive but also easier to park, which is particularly important in a city.

3. Look out for fuel consumption. A car for beginner driver should not be too expensive to run – this applies to both maintenance but also to fuel consumption. This is why you should choose a car that runs on diesel or lpg, unless you are both an inexperienced driver and well situated one with little financial worries. Usually our first cars comes in a moment of our life, where we can’t afford to spend a lot of money on fuel.

First car – what to choose for a young driver

4. Choose a car that is registered in your country and if it’s possible one that has third party liability insurance and a valid technical inspection. Thanks to this you will not begin your automotive journey with formalities. For the very same reason it is better to buy a car equipped with a spare tire, fire extinguisher, jack and first aid kit. You can negotiate with the seller to leave all this equipment in the car, especially if he does not want to lower the price.

5. Do not pay extra for additional equipment and gadgets like radio controls in the steering wheel or heated seats. If you haven’t driven a car you don’t know for sure, which equipment will be necessary and used and what will be unnecessary. That’s why when buying your first car do not invest too much – purchase a car which just can be driven. When you feel more confident behind the wheel you can always change your car for a better one.

6. Choose a car with a well maintained interior and with no explicit faults. If you are not a mechanic or you haven’t got anyone of that kind in your family who can fix the car for free, do not trust seller when he or she says „this can be fixed easily”. First car for a young driver should be ready to use instantly without additional repairs and investing money. Well maintained inside means that everyday use of car will be nice.

7. Select a safe car, which means one that stands out in crash tests. Do not search among really fast cars – beginner drivers more frequently test their car and exceed speed limits, which is not very safe if you don’t have the right skills. It is also reasonable to look for a car with power steering, abs and a couple of air bags.

8. A perfect car for a young driver has front wheel drive. You have to learn handling a car with rear wheel drive and for someone who hasn’t got much experience in driving this can be tricky, especially on slippery surface.
And now let’s get down to business – which first car should we choose? That of course depends on the budget we have. It is best to look for a first car among such models as toyota yaris, volkswagen polo, skoda fabia, fiat punto, peugeot 206 and 107, ford fiesta, citroen c3 or a mini class but considered safe ford ka.

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