What does the Emil Frey Select program have in offer?

24 April 2023

Among other things, the increasing popularity of the secondary market offer, the growing requirements for additional services prompt not only authorized sales networks of specific brands to include in their offer programs dedicated to used vehicles – with full history and additional warranty. One of them is the Emil Frey Select program, which offers cars of every brand in good technical condition.


Despite the problems with the availability of semiconductors necessary for the production, the automotive market is still developing, including used cars – which have recently gained popularity. It has become clear that the entire process of buying a second-hand car is fraught with a lot of risk and suspicion – not every car can boast of a verified and documented past that largely affects further trouble-free and safe exploitation. Many customers, instead of waiting even longer than a year for a new car, prefer to reach for a one-year or two-year copy available immediately – a used car but still looking like a new one with a warranty. 


What is “Emil Frey Select” program?

On the Polish used car market, there are a number of extensive programs for the sale of few-year-old cars, many of which operate under the patronage of official importers. Alongside them, Emil Frey is systematically building its brand in Poland, serving the Emil Frey Select used car sales program.

On the Polish automotive market, the Emil Frey brand is still not very well known, but it is systematically creating its reputation – it has been opening new branches in big cities. In order not to be discouraged from using its offer, it is worth becoming aware of the brand’s rich achievements in Europe. The Emil Frey AG Group was founded in Switzerland in 1924, focusing from the very beginning on the high quality of services offered, their affordability and not limiting itself to specific groups of customers. Currently, the group proudly bears the name of its founder and first administrator and is active in Europe, dealing with official import of over 11 brands in various countries. In Poland, the Emil Frey Group owns, among others, MB Motors Mercedes, Lion Motors Peugeot, Bavaria Motors BMW and Mini, Bohemia Motors Skoda, CityMotors Volkswagen and PGArt Accident Repair Center – the scope of its operation is therefore huge, as well as experience and technological background that it disposes of.

For several years now, the Emil Frey Select program has been available for use, as part of which different brands are sold in different price ranges. In the circle of interest of retailers of the network, responsible for acquiring subsequent used cars for sale, there are only meticulously selected cars. Their technical condition, mileage and history together with documentation must not raise any objections. Each car offered in the program has a signed certificate of quality, proving the impeccable technical condition of the car, as well as consistent and documentation. We are going to discuss the mechanical check in a moment.



Like second-hand car dealership programs, Emil Frey Select guarantees high quality sales and after-sales service for its customers. Extensive service and spatial facilities allow the brand to match authorized dealers in this matter. Of course, a qualified advisor will help you through the whole process, who will additionally offer a financial solution tailored to your needs in different variants.


Each car is thoroughly verified, which allows Emil Frey to sell cars with a warranty – it is valid for a maximum of two years, depending on the age, mileage and overall assessment of a given car. In addition, a mobility guarantee throughout Poland is provided for customers – assistance. As part of the inspection of the car, the customer can test drive each car and check it at the Emil Frey Select brand service point.

However, this is not the end of the Emil Frey Select range of services. In addition to selling used cars, the brand also buys used cars. Of course, each of them must be in the proper technical condition, which will allow to grant a particular copy a quality certificate and a warranty protection. The customer’s car is thoroughly inspected for mechanical, bodywork and history – which must be documented. To confirm it, the vehicle history is checked on the basis of the VIN number. After a positive evaluation of the mechanic, the customer receives an offered purchase price of the vehicle by Emil Frey.

Interestingly, Emil Frey Select provides its customers with safe purchases of used cars. Up to 14 days after purchase, you can return the purchased vehicle and replace it with another from the seller’s offer without incurring any additional costs.


Who is the Emil Frey Select program addressed to?

The Emil Frey Select offer is addressed to customers who are expecting to get a used car from a trusted source, without unnecessary and expensive surprises coming to light after purchase. According to the motto of the “good as a new one, better than a used one” program, the cars offered under the Emil Frey Select program show higher quality than the offer of most commissions, are enriched with additional services such as warranty, technical assistance after purchase or assistance in obtaining financing for purchase. The offer is therefore dedicated to customers who need comprehensive service in one place with professional support in every aspect. The experience gained over the years pays off, the first Emil Frey Select dealership appeared in Piaseczno next to the authorized Mercedes MB Motors dealership, others appear in other regions of Poland, including Poznań.

In addition, many customers who buy used vehicles so far are accustomed to making a certain range of repairs – service activities are done immediately after the purchase, treated it as a completely routine activity. In the case of used cars sold by Emil Frey Select, this does not happen. Careful inspection of the car does not concern only pointing out its possible minor defects and components eligible for purely operational replacement.



Before putting the car up for official sale, Emil Frey performs all the necessary actions – providing the customer with an actually ready-to-use car.



Financing in the program

In the Emil Frey Select program, customer satisfaction is ensured by the staff of qualified advisors, who, in addition to choosing a car for you, will also help you in choosing the best financing form for the transaction. A car belonging to Emil Frey Select can be financed by a loan or a lease – you will complete all the formalities in the dealership.

In the case of the lease or the loan, the procedure starts the same. After selecting the car of your interest and determining its final retail price, you proceed to verify your creditworthiness. In the case of a lease, at the beginning, the customer must determine whether they decide to make the initial payment, and if so, what amount. Remember that the larger the initial payment, the lower monthly installments you can receive, which is not insignificant for the household budget. Then, you set the repayment period and the redemption value of the vehicle at its end. Interestingly, Emil Frey Select offers three options after the end of the lease agreement.

  • You can return the car to the seller by signing a new lease agreement for another vehicle
  • You can buy a car by paying the amount already agreed on the date of signing the lease agreement
  • It is possible to keep the installment system, and pay the debt for a known amount

In the case of financing the purchase of a used car through a loan, there are fewer opportunities. After choosing a car and setting the price, you will determine the amount of the initial payment and the last installment (redemption) – here also, the larger the installments are, the lower the monthly liabilities turn out. After a positive verification of your creditworthiness, the contract will be signed and the car will be handed over to you.


How are the cars checked?

The paramount principle at Emil Frey Select is the sale of used cars of high quality, which requires from people responsible for acquiring more cars to adopt fairly strict criteria. One of them is the accident-free past, which affects the safety of further operation of the vehicle, the correct functioning of vehicle components and finally its market value.

Another aspect is the documentation. The vehicle history and servicing must be documented – cars without a verified history are not included in the offer of Emil Frey Select. Even the presentation of extensive documentation is accompanied by checking the history of the vehicle based on the VIN number in the independent sources – such as the autoDNA report.

Then, the car goes to the Emil Frey Select workshop, where it undergoes a thorough inspection for its mechanical, body and paint condition, interior condition and equipment compatibility, and color scheme with the factory configuration – information of which is also included in the VIN number. Depending on the needs, at the end, the necessary service activities are carried out so that the vehicle is ready for sale and its immediate long-time use.


Which vehicles are available in this program?

Since the beginning of its market activity, Emil Frey has focused on a wide scope of business, which explains the rich offer and diversity of used car brands served. Nevertheless, in Poland, the Emil Frey Select program began its market life alongside the Mercedes MB Motors dealership, which should to some extent explain the large share of this brand’s cars in the overall offer. There are also many other brands on sale, both from the premium segment and those that are popular and affordable.



As we have already mentioned, in Poland, the Emli Frey Select program developed alongside Mercedes MB Motors. Shared staff, service facilities and structure clearly translated into the way of delivering used cars to the offer. A large part of them came from the customers of the salon. Models from across the brand range are available in the program. The Mercedes E-Class is very popular, offering both basic engine variants such as the E200 with a mileage of only 50.000 kilometers for less than PLN 140.000, and a copy from the other end of the scale – the E63 AMG valued at half a million zlotys. There’s many others to choose from, including GLA SUVs, GLC, GLE and many more.


BMW / Mini

In Poland, the Swiss group Emil Frey owns, as we wrote, among others, Bavaria Motors, an authorized dealer of BMW and Mini. Emil Frey Select therefore includes a large number of BMW cars. Here, too, you can choose between several copies of the 3 series at a price of about PLN 100-170.000, 5 and 7 series, 7, SUVs X2, X3, X4, X5 and X6 in versions with diesel or gasoline engines. You can also find a few copies of Mini, Clubman and the Cooper models.


Other brands

This is not the end of the Emil Frey Select portfolio. Qualified employees constantly provide a supply of verified second-hand cars from the secondary market. In addition, you need to remember that the Emil Frey group owns a number of authorized dealerships in Poland, not only Mercedes and BMW.

There are also other brands in its offer, including over 25 Škoda cars. The Octavia III is affordable, the prices of a compact Skoda oscillate around PLN 64-80.000. A large part of the offer is the 4th generation Octavia available in various engine and equipment variants for PLN 80-160.000. You can also find verified copies of the flagship Skoda Superb costing from PLN 95.000 to over PLN 220.000.

The Emil Frey Select offers even greater price range for Volkswagen cars – 15 copies. In addition to the multitude of Golfs of various generations costing between PLN 60-170.000, there are several copies of the brand’s flagship SUV – Touareg with a price of PLN 250-440.000. The offer is complemented by Passat, T-Rock, T-Cross or Tiguan.


Used cars from companies – fleet hits of the program

The comprehensive nature of the Emil Frey Select program does not only consist of high quality of service and verified cars from individual customers. Part of the offer consists of the fleet cars sold with a full VAT invoice. Customers leave them in the dealerships of the group after the repayment period of the agreed installments and most often sign financing agreements for new vehicles. This way, at Emil Frey Select you can search for fleet Mercedes E-Class, GLC and others, Volkswagen Passat, Golf and Touareg. The BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and 7 Series and many other popular models are also available on the market.


Advantages of the program

Nearly a century of experience of the Emil Frey Group in Europe pays off after years. Customers appreciate:

  • Professional approach of sellers
  • High quality used cars in the offer, each having a signed quality certificate
  • Range of after-sales services, with warranty and assistance
  • The cars in offer are actually accident-free and with verified past
  • Possibility to take a test drive before purchase
  • Assistance in selecting the best purchase financing form
  • Possibility to replace the car for another within 14 days


Drawbacks of the program

Among the few drawbacks of Emil Frey Select there are:

  • A still underdeveloped network of dealerships in Poland
  • Lack of recognition on the Polish market
  • Similar to other dealer programs, high prices when compared to market averages

Undoubtedly, there are few used car dealers on the market that give a real guarantee on their products. In the case of Emil Frey Select, the rich experience of the group in Europe and the versatility of its operations pay off on the Polish market, where it has a service facility that allows it to check vehicles also from a mechanical point of view. Nevertheless, as with the purchase of any used car – regardless of the source – it is worth verifying the seller’s assurances and vehicle history on your own. A small expense, compared to the price of buying a car, is an extensive autoDNA report, which in a few minutes allows you to check whether the seller’s words are actually true.


It is good to know

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What does the Emil Frey Select program have in offer?
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What does the Emil Frey Select program have in offer?
Emil Frey Select program, as part of which different brands are sold in different price. In the circle of interest, there are only meticulously selected cars.
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