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A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 5

Das WeltAuto is an imported used car sales programme run by the Volkswagen Group. It mainly sells Skoda, Volkswagen and Seat. Skoda and Volkswagen are very popular in Poland and for years they have remained among the most popular second-hand cars imported to Poland. Das WeltAuto is aiming at becoming a widely recognized programme that offers second-hand vehicles you can trust. Apart from Volkswagen and Skoda, it also offers Opel, Ford, BMW, Audi, Renault, Toyota, Mercedes, and even Porsche.

Das WeltAuto is an independent site linked to the importer sites. It is worth mentioning that the importer is putting a lot of funds and effort in its development. The programme is therefore trying to really stand out. It is even featured at Otomoto, a very popular car sales website; there is an additional filter available that lets you browse offers which are part of second-hand car sales programmes only. All the vehicles are subject to the maximum of 3 years’ warranty as part of one of the three packages (depending on the age and mileage). The shortest warranty is 12 months anyway. If the car turns out faulty within the warranty period, you will have it repaired in an ASC of the given brand anywhere in the EU, Norway and Switzerland, with the use of original parts.

Before it is sold, every vehicle undergoes a very detailed examination (the mechanics are checking as many as 117 points in it). The Das WeltAuto certificate guarantees that the vehicles offered as part of the programme have been examined in detail and have had their history and mileage verified. The customers can use one of the tailored financing offers. You will certainly appreciate how widely available the programme is: in Poland alone, it is offered at 55 dealers! In January 2018 Das WeltAuto had ca. 1,400 vehicles to choose from. Das WeltAuto has yet another striking feature that makes the offer truly original: you can actually replace the chosen vehicle with another one within a week from making the purchase.

Das WeltAuto will certainly become one of the most popular programmes in Poland not only because of the popularity of Skoda and Volkswagen alone but also because of how interesting it is and how it focuses on constant development.

Das WeltAuto
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Das WeltAuto
A second-hand vehicle bought at a dealer’s: a new cycle, part 5
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