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How to increase the value of a car before selling it

Added 17 June 2019 by

Do you want to sell a car for the highest possible price? It’s normal. Everyone dreams about it. But how can you do it? How much do you need to invest in it? Today we’ll show you 5 ways to increase the value of a car in the eyes of a potential buyer, including one effective method hardly anyone knows.

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Extended guarantee of a new car: all you need to know

Added 5 June 2019 by

Everyone hopes their new car will work flawlessly, at least for some time. They also know that in the time of need they can make use of the vehicle’s guarantee. However, many manufacturers try to tempt the customers with an additional extended guarantee. How much does this cost and what can you count on if you opt for it? Read more


What makes a good second car dealer

Added 29 May 2019 by

I must admit that I was a bit amused by the Google search engine, which suggested to me the search phrase “honest Silesian used car dealer”.

The mere fact that such a phrase was suggested proves two things. Firstly, used car dealers haven’t got a particularly good reputation these days. Secondly, people still haven’t lost hope that there are honest car dealers out there.

So how do you find a really good establishment of this kind? What should you pay attention to when visiting such a place?

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