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How to fight corrosion with and without professional help

Added 22 April 2019 by

Fighting corrosion is a challenge every driver will have to face sooner or later. At the early stage you can combat corrosion yourself, especially when it comes to preventing its formation. However, when large areas of your vehicle’s body are corroded, you should let the professionals help.

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Company car for a woman

Added 15 April 2019 by

A company car for a woman should be the same as the one for a man, period. This strong opinion is pretty popular. People who voice such opinions usually don’t want to be accused of some sort of discrimination. Equality, however, is not about unification of everything, regardless of gender. So let’s look at the issue of choosing a company car for women through the lens of their needs. Professional statistic research can help us here.

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Black Friday 2018

Added 21 November 2018 by

Receive special discount code -20% for Vehicle History Reports.

Promotion is valid from 23.11.2018 to 25.11.2018

Discount code will be published on our homepage in 23.11.2018

How to use code?

1. Insert VIN number on autodna service.

2. On the website with available information, select reports You are interested in. Remember that discount is destined on all Vehicle History Reports in your basket.

3. Insert your e-mail and password and accept discount codes terms and conditions.

4. During payment method selection click “Do you have discount code?” and fill field by discount code. Payment for Vehicle History Reports in your basket will be decreased.


The safest cars of 2017: which one should you choose?

Added 6 April 2018 by

It is the time of the year when every dealer tries to sell their cars as cheap as possible. Nevertheless, if you’re after the safest car of 2017, you have to prepare yourself for premium class prices. This is because according to the EURO NCAP ranking, all the safest vehicles are either premium class or the highest models of the (slightly) less expensive brands. At the same time, you need to remember that higher class doesn’t necessarily mean the car will be safe.

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