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Car water pump, how it works and when to replace it

Added 18 December 2019 by

Your vehicle is a complex system made of different subsystems; if not tended to on time, a minor fault in one of them may quickly cause a domino effect. One of such strategic parts that is hardly ever spoken of is the water pump. What do you need to know about it?

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Black Friday 2019

Added 27 November 2019 by

Receive special discount code -50% for Vehicle History Reports.

Promotion is valid from 29.11.2019 to 03.12.2019

Discount code will be published on our homepage in 29.11.2019

How to use code?

1. Insert VIN number on autodna service.

2. On the website with available information, select reports You are interested in. Remember that discount is destined on all Vehicle History Reports in your basket.

3. Insert your e-mail and password and accept discount codes terms and conditions.

4. During payment method selection click “Do you have discount code?” and fill field by discount code. Payment for Vehicle History Reports in your basket will be decreased.

What do the indicators on the meters mean? Which of them are most important?

Added 4 November 2019 by

Dashboards of modern cars (at least some of them) are reminiscent of aircraft cockpits. Full of all types of indicators, switches and other elements that are there to inform the driver about the vehicle’s condition and provide them with comfortable driving. What exactly do the aforementioned indicators mean and which of them should never ever be ignored?

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EU tightens up the exhaust emission standards again

Added 12 September 2019 by

New rules shall enter into force in September. If you’re buying a new vehicle, you may find out some cars (especially those with Diesel engines) will be unavailable for the time being. The prices of cars approved under the new regulations can go up by several thousand PLN, too.

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