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Car collision with an animal: what to do?

Added 12 July 2021 by

Unfortunately, accidents where animals are involved aren’t uncommon. Officially, 20-30 thousands police-recorded car collision with animals are observed every year. However, that number is underestimated, as many of the drivers don’t report such accidents. It may be up to four times higher, according to estimations. What should you do in such a situation?  Read more

Buying a car?

Odometer clocking: how much can you lose?

Added 10 June 2021 by

Every deleted kilometre is worth up a few cents. This is how much you lose if you buy one of the popularly clocked models such as a Volkswagen Passat or Opel Astra. This may not be a lot of money but the calculation is simple: with every 100,000 km of clocked mileage, the car is sold at a few dozen thousand more than it’s actually worth.

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