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Buying a Car?

Innovative V2X security systems in new Japanese cars

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Cars driving one after another, all slowing down as soon as the first one uses brakes? Your car display informing you of a huge traffic jam ahead and advising that you can take a train from the nearest station in a few minutes instead? These ideas sound like science-fiction but they are already being tested by automotive corporations; they will be included in V2X systems.

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Buying a Car?

How to recognize cars that have been salvaged or clocked 13 tips for the buyer

Added 4 April 2017 by

salvaged cars

How to recognize cars that have been salvaged or clocked

If you’re looking for a new car, it’s obvious you would like it to be good and cheap at the same time. Unfortunately, these expectations make you easy to fool. You may expect high quality and not agree to pay the adequate price but by doing so, you risk falling victim to those who will pretend to provide both.

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Buying a Car?

How to take care of a diesel car

Added 14 February 2017 by

diesel car

It is commonly known that diesel vehicles are more economical; since diesel is also cheaper than petrol, you can make significant savings so long as you understand the specifics of this type of engine. Technically, diesel engines are far more complex than the petrol ones, which often makes them much more expensive to repair. Knowing how to take proper care of your diesel car will certainly help you make sure you will not need to make repairs too often.

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Buying a Car?

The best diesel cars – an overview of engines

Added 6 February 2017 by

The best diesel cars

Many drivers dream of having a diesel car. These vehicles hardly require any maintenance for a long time and are very fuel efficient. In the recent years, diesel particulate filters have been introduced to reduce emissions, which has discouraged a number of enthusiasts but the cars remain very popular anyway.

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