Car color and the risk of damage

14 March 2023

Which car color regarding its body means a high probability that the car was involved in a collision? And which color indicates low probability of such event? Based on the data from the database of billions of records, autoDNA checked how car colors in 2022 translated into a statistical risk of damage in vehicle history.


Car color – how to check the car paint by the VIN number

The VIN number allows checking a range of information coded by the car manufacturer. How to check the car color by the VIN number? To check the basic information about a particular car, including the car color, all you need to do is type the VIN in a free browser, such as at

Is there a statistical correlation between the car color and the risk of damage? Although the paint itself does not directly translate into such a probability, the color of the car along with other data indeed does. 


Which car color is “unlucky”?

According to the analysis of autoDNA done on the basis of reports generated in 2022, brown, gray and black belong to the car colors which the most frequently featured damages in 2022. The lowest probability of damage was in the case of the red, green and pearl paint



According to data from Axalta, the world leader in the industrial coating, pearl in 2022 accounted for only 4% of cars in Europe, red for 5%, and green for only 1%. The opposite applies to gray and black – these colors constitute of almost 50% of all cars registered in Europe. No wonder then, that with so many vehicles a lot of damage can be found among them. 



Beware of brown and graphite cars

Brown represents an anomaly – according to the Axalta data, it constitutes of only 1% of cars in Europe, and if beige is included – it’s a total of 2%. Meanwhile in the autoDNA database, for the entire last year, brown accounted for as much as 12.1% of all reports in which damage was recorded. The same is true for graphite – it is less than 1% of cars in Europe, while in the autoDNA ranking it is No. 4 with a score of over 10% in terms of damage. 


Good to know

It is certainly worth checking graphite and brown cars particularly, because they show an above-average risk of damage.


The black color, which is sometimes considered unlucky, is actually not unlucky at all when it comes to cars. It represents as much as 22% of all cars in Europe, but the probability of damage is much less, because it’s “only” 10.9%. Of course, it is always worth to be alert and VIN check of the car in any situation. Regardless of the car color, make sure that the vehicle does not hide any additional surprises.

which car color are the most unlucky


It is good to know

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Car color and the risk of damage
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Car color and the risk of damage
Which car color regarding its body means a high probability that the car was involved in a collision? Read more on article
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