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Buying/selling a car in winter: is it worth it?

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General opinion has it that when it comes to buying/selling a second-hand car, no season is worse than winter. Consider the weather conditions that make it impossible to carefully examine the car or, if you are selling, to present all its features to the buyer. Why do some people say that they have made their best purchases in winter, then? Who is right? Is buying and selling second-hand cars in winter really worth the trouble?

If you are buying, winter is not a bad time at all; see a whole list of reasons below.

Is buying or selling a car in winter worth the trouble? Here are
6 reasons why it is.

1. There is not better time to make sure the starter, battery and alternator work as expected than a harsh, cold winter. Before you buy the car, you definitely need to make sure the electricity works fine; if controllers, window and mirror heating etc. are to fail, they are certain to fail in winter.

2. There are no better conditions to test ABS, grip and traction than those you will find midwinter on wet, slippery roads. This is exactly when you want to schedule your test drive. Thesame car driven on the same road in summer may seem to work properly despite potentially dangerous faults. In winter you will see them within a minute.

3. You wouldn’t expect how much you can save when buying the car in the beginning of the year. Imagine what the seller’s home budget has just been through (Christmas!). Combine it with the fact that second-hand cars lose their value with each year. Your seller may be
desperate to make you buy the car even if it means giving you a discount – and this is
exactly what you want.

4. Winter means snow, which quite often means the car has winter tyres on. Which, in turn,
makes the seller a little bit more eager to include summer tyres in the deal free of charge.

5. Winter is cold, wet, muddy and salty, and so are cars. If the one you are looking at is clean,
starts smoothly and has winter tyres on, it means it is well maintained. Which has a lot to
say about the seller.

6. Winter days are shorter and you need proper light to examine the car, so you will most likely do it in weekend. This only sounds like an inconvenience; give yourself enough time and
you will surely take proper care while checking the car before purchase.
If you are selling, remember: benefit of the buyer is the benefit of a professional seller, so there is no need to worry that winter will ruin your sale – so long as your offer is reliable and you have been honest. Still, selling in winter is a bit more troublesome. Below you will find 5 hints to help you sell your second-hand car in winter.
5 tips to help you sell a second-hand car in winter

1. Cleanliness pays. Keep your car clean and shiny inside and outside and it will surely stand
out from all those dirty vehicles and horrible weather.

2. Light is the key. Porvide the buyer with a well-lit place to examine the car even when it’s
dark outside, and you will prove to be a trustworthy seller who has nothing to hide.

3. Keep the buyer comfortable; before they arrive, shovel the snow and provide a little rug in
case they want to see the underside of the car. They will most likely go to the mechanic
workshop anyway but – again – you will be perceived as a professional and trustworthy

4. Provide winter tyres. If you don’t, the buyer may be afraid to try driving the car before
purchase, which may also make them resign from buying. Not only this; even if the buyer is
brave enough to drive despite the lack of winter tyres, the driving experience may still be far
worse than you would like it to be. You surely don’t want the potential buyer to search for a
car elsewhere just because you were saving on tyres.

5. Be caring. Preparing hot tea or coffee for someone who has driven a long distance in the
cold can quite literally break the ice. Tea won’t make the buyer oblivious to the car’s faults
but – again – it will make them feel better about you as the seller.

Is buying and selling a second-hand car in winter a good idea, then? They say every coin has two sides; the same goes for winter sales and purchases. If you are buying or selling wisely, you can use winter conditions, including the cold and snow, in your favour.

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