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Best used car under 15000 Euro. What kind of car to buy?

28 November 2022

Want a sedan, a compact, or perhaps a trendy SUV? Gasoline or diesel engines? Buying a car always starts with the necessity to answer a few very important questions. Then, you can start choosing the model of the car. What are the currently best used car under 15000 Euro?


European used cars market

The European cars market is definitely different from e.g. the American one. Due to the regulations applied by the EU, but also the practical reasons, it turns it that the most favourite European car is most often an economic compact car with a rather small engine, although equipped with a roomy trunk and advanced safety systems. It’s not only the ecology and low exploitation costs that are important, but it’s also the comfort – comfortable suspension and numerous extras which facilitate travelling and make it more pleasant.

There are plenty of models on the secondary market which meet the above criteria and buying which is worth consideration – Opel Astra, Ford Focus, Toyota Yaris… There are a lot of options. Each time, however, you need to remember to find a well-maintained item – even seemingly the best model won’t last long and without any issue if it’s neglected. Not all problems – such as excessive oil consumption – have to indicate high expenses, some can be easily and quickly fixed. You just need to know about them early enough.


Best used car under 15000 Euro – our TOP 10

Looking for a used car under 15000 Euro? Within such budget, you can easily find a few years old car with low mileage and documented service history. For sure there will be a lot to choose from – here is 10 particularly interesting, in our opinion, items from various segments.


Toyota Yaris

Need a small and pretty universal city model? Toyota has something in offer which has been appreciated by millions of users all over the world. The production of Yaris – in the popular hatchback version – began in 1999, and currently there’s already the 4th generation of this Japanese compact. For 15.000 Euro, you can easily get a nearly new car with minuscule mileage.

You can choose from the Yaris cars with the gasoline and the diesel engines, or a hybrid version (an extra electric engine). Toyota Yaris GR, in the 260 HP version, which provides sports-like experience of driving, is surely a greater expense – for the everyday usage you can definitely limit yourself to the more rational engine versions, such as 1.0 or 1.5 L.


Fiat 500

An alternative for Toyota Yaris is Fiat 500 – an inherent element of the Italian automotive landscape. It is for sure an interesting position, because for the price of 150.000 Euro you should be able to even get a copy straight from the car dealership – of course, provided that you accept the version with the simplest equipment. When choosing a used car, you should be able to find without difficulties a very well-maintained copy which should save you a bit of the budget for possible repairs (or fueling if currently nothing needs fixing – although, the fuel consumption surely won’t be high).

Fiat 500 is a car of a very small size, which has some advantages. Parking in the city shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, packing for a weekend trip might require a lot of sacrifice, due to the minuscule trunk – so, give it a careful thought what would be the main purpose of the car you want to purchase.



Ford Focus

Both the first version and the Ford Focus II have been praised for their excellent drivability – especially the second generation of the popular Focus delighted with this aspect. On the other hand, the bodywork was troublesome, especially at the beginning of the production It wasn’t enough protected by the manufacturer, and in demanding conditions it corroded easily. However, times have changed, and currently Ford Focus IV is in offer – and a few years old coy should within the range in our budget.

User have worried for long whether the innovative gasoline EcoBoost engine with the capacity of only 1.0 L will turn out to be too weak or not sustainable enough. Time has verified the worries – aside from certain issues, the EcoBoost engine passed the exam by working – especially in cars such as Ford Fiesta or the Focus itself – very well and offering really low fuel consumption.


Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat is one of the European automotive legends, a dynasty which has existed for already half a century and eight generations so far. The current – B8 – has been manufactured since 2014. The popular Passat cars are available in the sedan and compact versions. They are often chosen as company cars, but they’re also selected by private uses who look for slightly bigger and a bit more elegant cars. The 2-liter engine is very popular in Passat – both the gasoline and the diesel one with various power variants.

Let us remind that Volkswagen Passat is part of a much bigger VAG group vehicle family. Passat has a lot in common with e.g. Skoda Superb. The Arteon model is an interesting item, however in or case – so far – the budget stands in the way. There’re a lot of Passat cars on the secondary market, but a big share of them has an eventful past – so it’s good to have a thorough technical inspection done to make sure that the car is actually in a good condition.


Opel Astra

Since the times when the not-so-pretty Opel Astra H (3rd generation) was popular, a lot has changed. The manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to the style, thanks to which Astra J and Astra K look very neat and modern, not being inferior to the competition. In the latest version, the German producer decided to resign from the sedan version – the amateurs of the popular compact can choose from the hatchback and the compact.

For the price under 15.000 Euro, you can get a few years old copy with a gasoline engine – not big, however modern enough to provide good performance during the everyday usage. It also demands less in term of the use thanks to the timing chain. Low fuel consumption, quite roomy on the front and rear seats, spacious trunk and solidly secured bodywork – all this makes Opel Astra a good choice for a reasonable price. It’s one of the used cars which undoubtedly are worth taking into consideration when planning to buy a car.


Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Crossover has gained huge popularity on the European and world markets, being responsible for – to a large extent – the increase of interested in its segment. In 2021, it was the Qashqai model itself was the best-selling new crossover worldwide. One can easily say that it wasn’t without a reason. It’s a trendy, relatively spacious car which can be equipped with a small and economic gasoline engine.



Qashqai is neither a SUV nor – the more – an off-road car, nevertheless with its versatility it has won the sympathy of many people.


Depending on the market, you can find Nissan in various engine versions, so when selecting the car, it’s good to think about its usage. For the city environment, the gasoline version is definitely enough, there’s no need to get the diesel. Can you find a well-maintained item under 15.000 Euro? There shouldn’t be any problems with that – we’re, of course, considering the 2nd generation manufactured between 2013-2021. The copies from the final production should serve for a long time without any problems.


Mazda CX-3

The recent years have been an excellent period for the Japanese manufacturer. Mazda focused on a completely new style which resulted in this cars being – according to many – one of the prettiest cars currently offered. Mazda CX-3 is among them, a small but effective crossover which is willingly chosen by the European drivers. It’s not over yet, as the CX-3 is placed very high in the reliability ranking. For sure it can be a good choice for those who care about reliability and who are fond this particular style.

Mazda has already decided to cease the production of the CX-3 model without expecting any direct successor. Is it – in the context of buying used cars – bad? Not necessarily – especially considering the many subassemblies shared by the currently manufactured cars. Those for whom Mazda CX-3 seems to be a bit too small can choose the bigger Mazda CX-5. So far, it doesn’t seem like the Japanese manufacturer is going to cease its production.



Toyota Auris/Corolla

For all the years of production, Toyota Corolla has gained the title of being one of the best-selling models in history – well deserved. Versatility and high quality made this Japanese compact one of the first choices for people looking for a car that’s supposed go places. In different years and on different markets, the small Toyota, offered either as Corolla or Auris, has never provided any excessive emotions. However, it charmed with its reliability. For some time already, the Japanese brand aims at promoting the ecological solutions.

That’s why, the hybrid versions of the Auris or the Corolla are interesting options on the used cars market. It’s a perfect option for people who value ecological solutions when purchasing a fully electric car is beyond their reach. A used Auris is available in the hatchback and compact versions, so everybody can find a suitable variant.


Honda Civic

Honda Civic of the X generation was presented in 2015, arousing big controversy. Although the style of the Japanese compact already before had stood out, that time the limits were pushed much further than the customers would’ve expected. Opinion are divided, because a budget under 15.000 Euro has its limits, and the discussion on the assets of this particular generation has to postponed for some other time. So far, let’s take a look at the previous, 9th generation of Honda Civic.

This car’s bodywork is also interesting, although not as extravagant, and it was warmly welcomed and equipped with modern solutions. Honda offered a full range of bodywork to choose from – coupe, hatchback, sedan and compact (however not every bodywork type was offered on every market). People who look for a slightly bigger and a bit more prestigious model might like the equally attractive Honda Accord – however, when looking fr a car of similar age, you need to take into account the increase of the price.


Renault Megane

The French vehicles enthusiasts would be unhappy if this list would end without a single French car. Let Renault Megane be the representative example which along with the currently manufactured 4th generation has made a huge stylistic step. This model was introduced on the market in 2015, and the copies from the beginning of the production easily fit within the budget under 15.000 Euro.

Renault offered a wide range of engine versions, offering low fuel consumption and good performance – depending on the variant, it could reach even 300 HP (this choice, however, is beyond 15.000 Euro and definitely not for the everyday exploitation). The engine can be fueled with gasoline or diesel – the choice is yours. Similarly to the bodywork, the French have thought about both the enthusiasts of hatchbacks, compacts and sedans. The asset of the last one is a particularly spacious trunk.


Is it worth buying a used car?

Is buying a used car under 15.000 Euro a good idea? Definitely yes – for such amount you can get a decent family or city car, equipped with a modern and dynamic gasoline engine which ensures good performance, and often, you can also get a hybrid which lowers the fuel consumption and emission.

If you don’t dispose of enough cash to easily afford buying a new car straight from a car dealership, selecting a vehicle from the used cars market seems to be a much better option. The first 2-3 years of exploitation is the period during which a new car loses its value the most. After that, a still noteworthy car can be purchased for a much lower price. It’s worth it!

Regardless of whether you’re buying a car for 15.000 Euro, or less, or more, any car should be thoroughly checked beforehand. Both its technical condition and vehicle history are important. The easiest way to verify the vehicle history is to order the autoDNA vehicle history report. It’s a quick way to discover as much information as possible about the past of a given vehicle – and before purchasing the car, make the best decision on its basis.


It is good to know

autoDNA is the leading provider of services of checking vehicle history online. Based on your VIN number, with autoDNA you can verify vehicle history before making a purchase. In many cases, checking your VIN may prevent you from incurring unwanted additional costs associated with purchasing a vehicle with an unknown or salvage past.



Best used cars under 15000 Euro. What kind of car to buy?
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Best used cars under 15000 Euro. What kind of car to buy?
Buying a car always starts with the necessity to answer a few very important questions. What are the currently best used cars under 15000 Euro?
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