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Attention! Manufacturer recalls issued in 2016. Don’t take risks, read our guide!

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Our database has just been updated with a couple dozen manufacturer recalls issued in 2016. Do not wait for a serious breakdown; we have prepared a list of manufacturing faults recently discovered in a number of vehicles. It will help you find out whether your car may have one before it causes real trouble.

Any manufacturing faults which have been discovered in a vehicle of any brand must be forwarded to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) together with advice on how to remove them. Most of the manufacturers also issue recall actions that allow car owners to have these faults removed free of charge in their ASC.

Check your car every 6 months

One of the reasons why UOKiK must be informed of any manufacturing defects in vehicles is that the manufacturer is only able to contact the first owner of the car. If the car has already changed its owner, the manufacturer cannot find out whom to invite for a recall action. This is why every owner of a second-hand vehicle should check whether its VIN number is not associated with any kind of manufacturing defects and resulting manufacturer recalls. Such verification provides best results if repeated every 6 months. Why half a year? The first 5 months of 2016 were enough for UOKiK to gather as many as 40 manufacturing defects in different cars. While some defects may only appear in a couple of vehicles available on Polish market, others can be found in as many as 10,000 of them!

Interestingly, faults are not limited to the cheaper brands. UOKiK’s list has just as many Fiats, Dacias and Fords on it as BMWs, Lexuses, Toyotas, Jaguars and Maseratis! With the amount of electronic solutions found in today’s premium cars one should not be surprised that despite thorough testing some defects are likely to go unnoticed until the cars are driven by customers. A number of manufacturer recalls issued also suggests better customer care; manufacturers of premium vehicles usually prefer to inform their customers of any possible defects upfront instead of waiting until the car breaks down. Not only is this safer for the customer but it also makes them more comfortable with their choice; a customer who is kept informed of what may happen to their car will perceive the manufacturer as more trustworthy.

Manufacturing defects in second-hand cars, or buying a pig in a poke

Verification of data available for the given VIN number is most important when you are planning the purchase of a second-hand car, especially if the seller is not its first owner or it has been imported. The person who is selling it may not be aware of manufacturing defects and the need to remove them in an ASC. Or quite the opposite: they may be selling precisely because of the fault.

Regardless of the intentions of the current owner, whatever is hidden within the car will be with you when you have purchased it. This is why using a database such as is so important before purchase. A regularly updated database will help you confirm that the car does not have defects, has not been stolen or damaged.

Manufacturing defects – not as bad as they might seem

Before the appearance of the car you have chosen on 2016 UOKiK list makes you depressed, remember this: while all manufacturer defects must be forwarded to UOKiK, this does not mean they are all very serious. If faulty ignition connectors turn off dashboard lights, or wipers stop moving, you certainly won’t be happy but, at the same time, your driving safety will not be affected. If, however, steering rod is prone to breaking at higher loads, it may cause a dramatic accident.

In order to find out if your car has any manufacturing defects, remember to check UOKiK website on a regular basis or verify the VIN number in our database.

Linked below is a list of manufacturing defects in different vehicles:

Manufacturer recalls issued in 2016

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