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Are electric cars worth buying?

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Are electric cars worth buying?

9,500 electric cars were registered in the first half of 2014 in Norway alone; in France it was 6,400, and in Poland – 35. By the end of 2014 we almost reached a hundred. The following year was better, and so is 2016, as the sales are slowly increasing. Still, we have no chance to get anywhere near the numbers that other EU countries can boast about.The question is, why won’t Polish people buy electric cars? Are they right to be careful about them, or is an electric car worth a try in Poland?

Characteristics of an electric car

We have already published an overview of electric cars available on the market (see: [tu sobie wstaw tytuł artykułu tak, jak jest na stronie]). There is a lot to choose from, even though the manufacturers have only been offering economy class city cars with small engines so far. Hardly any of them can make more than 150 km without recharging mid-way. There is an exception, though: the manufacturer of Tesla Model S promises the battery can last you up to 480 km.

When you have driven the maximum distance, the car needs to be charged. Full charging can take up to half a day, though it usually takes just a couple of hours. You can do it at a charging station or at home, using a special charger.

Why electric cars are not popular in Poland

There is an incredible gap between the number of electric vehicles bought in Poland and in Western Europe. There are a couple of reasons behind this, the first one being the price. Electric cars are quite expensive considering their size: Nissan Leaf costs 120,000 PLN, BMW i3 150,000 PLN, and an electric Smart costs 80,000 PLN.

Secondly, there is no refund for purchasing an electric car in Poland, even though they guarantee no emission. Contrary to other European countries, we also don’t get special privileges when driving an eco-friendly car. If you drive an electric car in Norway, you can park in any car park for free; you are also allowed to use bus lanes and motorways free of charge.

The third reason is, we still don’t have enough charging stations. Our major cities only have a few such places each. This one is tricky, though: why would they invest in charging stations if the whole country only gets about a hundred new electric cars per year?

Electric cars are often used by major corporations; after all, an eco-friendly drive is a synonym of modern, ecological approach to business.

Electric cars: worth a try or not?

What you need to know is that electric cars can give you far more than just improvement of your business image. The savings you can make when you buy an electric car can easily compensate for its higher cost. Say, you buy a Tesla. Driving a 100 km won’t cost you more than 6 PLN while gas or diesel can cost 25-40 PLN. LPG may be cheaper but it still will be over 10 PLN per 10 km. In terms of fuel economy, nothing compares to electric vehicles. Not only this; if you actually buy a Tesla, it is possible to make your driving cost nothing, literally, as Tesla offers a lifetime warranty of free charging at SuperCharger stations. There are over 500 such stations worldwide; in Poland there are 5. From this point of view, electric cars are definitely worth a try.

There is one more feature which makes electric cars uncomparable to anything else: the way they sound. An electric car can hardly be heard at all, neither inside nor outside, so if you love music, there is no better option for you. The same goes for those who, above all things, value silence.

Who else will benefit most? Certainly not families with two or more children as, at least for now, there are no electric cars spacious enough to fit everyone. However, it is an excellent choice of the second car. It will also work wonders for your image if you like making this kind of impression.

Of course, if you often travel far, you won’t have the time and patience to charge the car a couple of times on the go. 100 km usually is the maximum.

What to consider when buying an electric car

Since we hardly have any electric cars available at all in Poland, it is difficult to buy a second-hand car of this type here. Still, why wouldn’t you look for one abroad? Second-hand or new, before you buy an electric car, consider the following factors:

  • the declared limit of kilometers you can make before recharging,

  • how long it takes to charge and how far it is from a charging station to your home,

  • whether it was regularly charged (it a lot of time passed since last charging, you may need to replace the battery),

  • whether the price includes batteries, or if they need to be rented (Renault sells their ZOE without batteries and offers this option).

Electric cars definitely have their benefits but if you are a Polish driver, the option may still be too modern for you. For now it is more of a geek dream than an easily available solution.

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